DIY Projects for 2017: Home Storage

  When transforming a house into a home it can feel a lot like adding clutter to an already crowded space. Having a bigger area to decorate also means the inevitable accumulation of more things, meaning you’ll need more places to put these things when not in use. Here are some great ideas for DIY projects for 2017: home storage.
  • Crates are your new best friend

Storage space in 2017 is all about being appealing to the eye instead of necessarily practical. Here at Naffco, we hope to offer you some ideas that fit both requirements. First up is children’s toys and belongings. When you have a child you begin to accumulate an entire human being’s possessions and all the things that they acquire after some time can feel overwhelming. Instead of spending so much time harping on them to clean their room, change the game up with wooden crate drawers that slide under their beds. Not only does this not take up any extra space, but you can stain the wood according to the theme of the room, and label each crate according to the objects keeping it nice and organized.
  • Canvas baskets for every room

For restrooms, canvas baskets are the next big thing. These will allow you to avoid the stress of walking into a bathroom and tripping over a heaping pile of dirty towels because now, they can be tossed right into the canvas basket (that conveniently matches the stylization of the bathroom as well). They can also be used in living spaces to hold blankets, or in bedrooms to hold stuffed animals and toys.
  • Eliminate shoe clutter

Another object that always seems to create a sense of clutter is shoes. Instead of dealing with the Mt. Everest-like pile that always seems to surround the door space, work on creating a PVC shoe rack. The pipes can be fastened together in rows and then have pairs of shoes placed in them, keeping your door space clean. Not only is this a great way of storing shoes, but it also ends up creating a unique design that is extremely appealing to the eye.