What You Can and Can’t Use to Clean Countertops

Counters don’t seem like something you have to particularly take care of. They’re just there, and you wipe them down. But don’t take your counters for granted. If you don’t take care of them, they will slowly chip away or crack or peel until you one day realize your counters need to be redone. Different kinds of countertops require different kinds of care. Buying special cleaners for your countertop is always an option, and it’s the safest option. But it’s not a requirement. You can almost always clean the counter you have with what you have in your cabinet already. So follow our advice below:

Granite Countertops

Make sure that your granite has been properly water-sealed on a regular basis. Put a few droplets of water, and if they are not absorbed, your counter is fine. Wipe down daily with warm, soapy water. Avoid harsh cleaners – bleach, or even cleaners like lemon, are harsh enough to wear down the precious seal. You will see a lot of fuss about using Windex – don’t do it! It’s too acidic. Special granite cleaners, of course, are always available on the market.

Linoleum Countertops

These countertops also can’t take harsh chemicals. Wiping it down with mild soap and warm water is, again, the best option. (See a theme? Keeping it simple is best). One extra tip here is to use a soft toothbrush to clean the seams of the linoleum. Linoleum can stain easily if you leave a spill too long, so wipe it up immediately.

Marble Countertops

Marble is extremely prone to what is called “etching” which are subtle marks made when a bit of marble wears away from getting anything acidic on the counter, like a spill of lemon-juice. This means, even more than the others, don’t use lemon or bleach cleaners on your marble. Marble is maybe the easiest to keep clean however,  they don’t stain easily, just use warm water and some mild dish soap, like all the others.

Tile Countertops

Again, warm water and soap will do the trick. Tile can take harsher cleaners than most countertops – it’s tile! But it’s important to maintain the grout. Re-seal it regularly and clean with a soft toothbrush once in awhile.