Types of Flooring that are Not Ideal for Bathrooms

Flooring for your bathroom is important because a bathroom is arguably one of the most used rooms in the house. You want it to look wonderful, stay clean and look fresh. Well, we know all that can go wrong if you pick the wrong flooring. There are certain things you want to consider when re-flooring a space in your home. Of course, you want the look and the feel that you imagine, but you also want it to last. First of all we would like to point out what would be the least ideal flooring for your bathroom, and that would be, you guessed it, carpet. Have you ever been in a home that was built in the 80s and saw carpet in the bathroom and thought, “what could be growing on this thing?” Oh you haven’t? Well, if you install a carpet in your bathroom, I can assure you someone is going to have that thought. Carpet is not ideal because of the conditions a bathroom holds, like getting damp, wet, humid from hot showers, dirt from your body, etc. A carpet is harder to keep clean from mold too. Because the humidity and the dampness soak into the carpet instead of resting on top like other flooring, you are prone to find mold underneath. Also, stay away from the beloved hardwood floors. We know what you are thinking, but no, hardware floors aren’t for your whole house, only the main living spaces. You may be wondering why, and we’ll tell you. Hardwood floors are also prone to getting damp. Having no way to air dry increases the chances of the hardwood floors being exposed to excessive moisture and eventually, moisture will seep through the cracks and cause it to warp. Even though laminate flooring may look ideal, you may want to reconsider. Laminate flooring does indeed look impeccable, but when you lay laminate flooring you glue it into place. This causes an issue down the line in wet areas, like your bathroom. Due to laminate being laid by glue, it is not impenetrable. It can get wet and start to separate, causing water to seep through the cracks which will cause damage to your floor down the line.