Types of Flooring that are Not Ideal for Kitchens

Before you go out and renovate your kitchen be sure to read this whole article. There are so many different types of flooring that you can choose from and not only do you have to make the right color and texture choice, but you also want to make the smart choice too. Choosing a floor can be a huge investment for a home and you don’t want to lose any money in resale value because of the choice you’ve made. What flooring should you stay away from? Well, we have to go with carpet. We know, this is probably the most obvious flooring type to stay away from, but honestly guys… Flooring in a kitchen, can you blame us? For those of you who aren’t seeing the issue, no worries, that’s why we’re here. Carpet in your kitchen can cause a couple issues, the main one being a number of stains you would have to get on your hands and elbows to scrub out. The kitchen is meant for cooking and gathering together to eat delicious foods. What fun is it if you’re worried about someone dropping their cracker crumbs or having a bowl of pasta slip right through somebody’s hands? None. This is why we don’t suggest carpet. We also can back up this suggestion by knowing that the return on your investment will be very minimal. So do yourself a favor and get flooring that is easy to clean up and that many people enjoy without any worry. Another suggestion that we have is to do your research. Besides carpet there are a couple other floors you would want to stay away from but for different reasons. Before you choose your flooring for your kitchen you will want to consider how easy is it to clean up something that is spilled on that floor, how easy is it to clean (is there a really deep grout line?) and does it tend to show dirt easily. Showing dirt on your kitchen floor can be a tiring battle to keep your kitchen clean, especially because a kitchen is the main gathering space for families. Consider what you use the space for and how often you use it, then you’ll be able to narrow it down.