Types of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors come in all shapes and sizes, and it might surprise you to find the pronounced difference even the subtlest change in cabinet style can make to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Afterall in terms of visuals, cabinets command the most space in your kitchen by a long shot. Let’s take a look …

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Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing the style of your cabinet sets the whole tone of the room that contains it; it’s the main focal point in every bathroom and kitchen, drawing the eye and dictating the overall decor. By replacing (or even refurbing) your cabinet doors, you can reinvigorate a space and create a whole new look. So what …

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Types of Cabinets

The type of cabinets you choose for your home has a huge effect on the overall decor of the kitchen or bathroom. They are the most visible part of the room and need to meet both aesthetic and practical needs. Luckily there are a huge range of cabinets available, from incredibly elaborate and decorative to …

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