Different Cabinet Styles

Your cabinet choice is one of the most significant decisions you make when redecorating your kitchen. Cabinets are a major focal point, drawing the eye and setting the tone of the space, and there are so many different styles to choose from. Here are a selection of the most popular:


Streamline, simple, chic and with more than just an edge of modernity, flat cabinets are perfect if you want to create a contemporary kitchen. It’s hard line and minimalist, with no over the top decoration – if this sounds like your approach to decor then flat is the way to go. Flat cabinets tend to be offered in laminates, wood, and glass.


A firm favorite no matter what your taste, shaker cabinets are built with both functionality and style in mind. The great thing about Shaker cabinets is they complement pretty much any and every type of decor – from traditional to modern. This also gives them a timeless nature, keeping them ‘in fashion’ no matter what fads come and go. Because of their ubiquitous nature Shaker cabinets come in every material you can think of, making the prices range from costly to more affordable.


The distressed style has been growing in popularity of late, thanks to the overall appreciation of vintage fashion. You can choose any cabinet type, though more traditional styles work better with the distressed aesthetic. In terms of how to distress your cabinets, you can hire professionals or look online for DIY instructions and videos.


Louvered cabinets are on the pricier end of the scale thanks to the workmanship that goes into creating their unique appearance. Each door is constructed using multiple slats making it easier to circulate air – this feature makes them a good choice for areas close to dishwashers and washing machines.


A more traditional choice, inset cabinets create a beautiful overall look to any kitchen. They’re lovingly crafted and have a price tag to match – but they have lasting power thanks to their design. They also come in a huge array of different materials.