Cabinet Door Styles

Choosing the style of your cabinet sets the whole tone of the room that contains it; it’s the main focal point in every bathroom and kitchen, drawing the eye and dictating the overall decor. By replacing (or even refurbing) your cabinet doors, you can reinvigorate a space and create a whole new look. So what styles are available to revamp your interior?


The shaker cabinet is one of the most well-loved styles in the interior design world. It takes its inspiration from the simplistic and clean nature of its namesake, and comes in a wide variety of different materials. The most traditional choice is hardwood, but nowadays one can find shaker cabinets in composite woods and even aluminum. You might also opt to ‘dress’ your shaker up with an ornate handle or an interesting finish. Whatever your design decision, the great thing about a Shaker cabinet is that they complement pretty much any interior design – from contemporary to beach house.


Another classic choice is the cathedral cabinet, which feature a raised panel and decorative arch. This style is best suited for traditional, classic interiors (like farmhouse or French country) and looks best constructed out of hardwood or composites.


Beadboard is the perfect choice for shabby chic, nautical, or beach house interior. It’s formed of panel of wood, most famously in light oak or painted white for a vintage feel. This type of cabinet works really well if you want to create a distressed finish on your wood.


This cabinet is characterized by its individual, often translucent or transparent panels of glass framed in wood – much like a window. Just like a window you can add leaded glass for decorative purposes. This style is great for adding space to a room, and lends itself well to gothic and country-style homes.


The best choice for those who want to keep their cabinets clean, sharp, and contemporary, the slab style matches well with contemporary and industrial interiors. It can be on the more expensive side, but it’s elegant flair is unmatched if you’re taste is thoroughly modern.