What is the Best Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

The right wood for your kitchen cabinets is dependent on several different factors. You have to consider not only the aesthetic, but also the practicalities and of course the price. It’s advisable to look into a few different options as they each have their own benefits

Painted or Not Painted?

Cabinets are a hugely influential part of your kitchen or bathroom decor, dictating the style and being a major decorative focal point. They need to balance practical requirement (strength and water resistance) as well as being stylish. As such, they are usually a high ticket item in your redecorating budget – after all it’s easy enough to give your wall a lick of paint but not so to replace every cabinet in the kitchen. So on the whole, which woods work best or the kitchen? Well first you have a big decision to make – do you want the cabinets to be painted or not? Will you want to in the future? That will almost certainly impact on the wood you should use. If you’re intending to paint your cabinets, you’ll need to ensure the surface of the material can be or even should be painted on. It’s often better to opt for tight-grained woods if this is the case. For non-painted cabinets you can choose any type of hardwood you like, however in terms of durability cherry, maple, hickory,  ash, and oak are the professionals top picks. This is because these types of wood are scratch resistant and strong, making them worth the higher price. That’s not to say other types of hardwood can’t be used (walnut, mahogany, birch, and beech are all popular choices), it all depends on your preference and price expectations. You also need to look at the finish of the wood, as this will effect your choice too. If you want the hardwood look without some of the drawbacks, you might want to consider compound materials which are less susceptible to the weaknesses of traditional materials and may not cost as much.