Types of Cabinets

The type of cabinets you choose for your home has a huge effect on the overall decor of the kitchen or bathroom. They are the most visible part of the room and need to meet both aesthetic and practical needs. Luckily there are a huge range of cabinets available, from incredibly elaborate and decorative to simple and clean. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:


This type of cabinet is most recognizable thanks to its horizontal slats. The main advantage of these cabinets is they provide ventilation thanks to their shape, as well as adding a element of texture. Thank to their design they make a great choice for any area that need air, such as cabinets near radiators or dryers.


Flat cabinets are the last word in modernism. Sleek and stylish, they come in a wide array of laminates or wood with different finishes. They’re on the more affordable end of the budget, and work well with industrial and contemporary decor.


A very popular cabinet choice, this classic design is suitable for a whole range of different budgets. The great thing about the shaker cabinet is it matches many different types of decor from modern to traditional, and comes in just about every material and color you can think of. Using a natural finish can really complement a classic, country kitchen.


A perfect cabinet for those who adore cottage chic, beadboard cabinets are a beautiful feature with a bright and informal feel. The center of this type of cabinet is made with individual panels which, although difficult to clean, look divine.


On the more expensive side of our scale, inset cabinets are lovingly made with longevity in mind. They fit very precisely in their frames, with minimals spacing and gaps in comparison to other cabinets. Insets come in range of colors and finishes, which add to the overall elegance of this classic design.


Finally we come to distressed – a growing trend in the cabinet world. You can pick up this type of cabinet from many manufacturers, who rub the corners and gently sand away the finish of the doors and drawers to imitate a vintage aesthetic.