Best Cabinet Features Your Kitchen Needs

Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be a fun process, we promise!  When it comes to the features of your cabinets, you don’t need to sacrifice your style for practicality. There are a multitude of thoughtfully designed additions which will make your life easier. Take a look at the following and find the features that best suit you and your kitchen:

Hidden Appliances

Appliances can make your kitchen appear unsightly and create a division in your overall design. Luckily this can be easily avoided by hiding them behind specially-designed cabinets. The door is carefully built into the cabinet, creating an illusion that makes a significant difference to your kitchen.

Trash Pull Out

In a much similar vein, why have your trash can on view when you can hide it? Remember to get a large enough size cabinet – the last thing you want is to have constantly overflowing trash!


Drawers are not just limited to cutlery – nowadays having a variety of different sized drawers proves to be a super useful feature of any modern kitchen. Having several different sized drawers adds flexibility to your kitchen, as you can use them to hold anything from plates to pans and appliances. You also don’t have to squat down to see what is inside, you simply pull them out and everything is on show. One thing to be mindful of is where and how far the drawers come out to, check with your kitchen designers as they can advise on the best layout for your space.

Corner or Pull Out Cabinets

By having drawers that reach back into the depths of your kitchen or around corner, you’re making the most of your space and making your life easier.

Soft Close Hinges

Investing in soft close door hinges might not seem like an important addition, but once you install them you’ll wonder how you ever lived before. They eliminate the clattering and bashing of door closing, also meaning the contents move around less.