Bathroom Cabinet Recommendations

Your bathroom can be a very personal, expressive place. Some homeowners want their bathroom to be modern and clutter free with everything hidden away, whilst others want a way to display their belongings attractively for ease of access. Whatever your preference, cabinets are a huge part of the overall aesthetic and functionality. Here’s some of our top tips to help you choose the right cabinet:


Your layout will greatly dictate the number and style of cabinets you need. If you have a lot of things to store, it’s important to opt for a variety of cabinet sizes and types. For example you may want a longer cabinet to store towels, a drawer for smaller objects etc. Quite often bathrooms have an open drawer for ease of access to commonly used items.   You then need to consider how large you want your vanity mirror and sink, as this will impact on the cabinets you can fit around them. Ensure your drawers are sturdy (not stapled) and are of a good thickness – bathroom items can get heavy and you want drawers that are built to last.


Your bathroom goes through a lot and therefore need materials that aren’t subject to chipping, peeling, etc. Make sure the materials you choose for your cabinets are strong enough to withstands heat, moisture, and water. Most bathroom cabinets will be designed to combat these factors – but there are different tiers of quality in terms of both materials and finishes. It depends on how long you want your cabinets to last. If you don’t feel like redecorating anytime soon pay more and save in the long run. Check the waterproofing ability and ensure you use a high quality sealant to protect your precious cabinets. Solid wood is always a good option (research into the best type for your needs) though plywood does not expand so readily when faced with water, so is well worth considering.


Having your cabinets designed with your needs in mind can make a big difference. so think logically. Will it make your life that bit easier to have a hair dryer drawer with a built in outlet? Well then why not! After all, you’re the one who’s going to be using it everyday.