Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

The windows of your home are often times the accent pieces you never knew you had. This being said, the right window treatments have the ability to transform your space into a sanctuary that you call your home. One of the more difficult windows to dress however, are ones that are on doors. It can be difficult to outfit something appropriate and even more difficult to style it in a way that you like. Here are a few options of window treatments for sliding doors:
  • Honeycomb shades: This is a wonderful option for a room that may need extra insulation like a patio or sunroom. The shades let just enough light in that the room itself isn’t completely blacked out, but also will help to keep the room a little warmer or cooler depending on what time of year it is. Not only is this option visually wonderful, but it will also help keep your heating and cooling bills more affordable.
  • Gliding window panels: For a bedroom, this option is one of the best. Since they’re panels they completely block out the outside light allowing you to sleep more deeply and soundly than you ever have. The glide on them makes it extremely convenient and paneling always opens the option for designing the inside to be a statement piece in your room.
  • Woven shades: While this is more of a casual treatment, it’s still just as beautiful. This will give your space just enough shade that the light isn’t overwhelming, but also doesn’t completely block your view of the outside world. They’re available in all types of colors and materials (even wood or bamboo) which allow you to get highly specific in your decorating. They can quickly become the accent piece that ties the rest of the room together.