Corner Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatments are one of the best parts of a remodeling project. Not only are they a great time to get really creative, but they also give you the most leeway as far as options go. It may seem like this is one of the easiest areas of a home to decorate, but window treatments can make or break the continuity and style of a room. While many are daunted by the idea of dressing a window there are a few tricks of the trade that make tricky spots more manageable. Here are a few corner window treatment ideas: 1.Mirroring: This one is a classic that will always look good. If you’re not a wildly creative person, this is a great look that will have your space looking updated and chic. Instead of trying to figure out what to pair one side of the corner with, simply create a mirror image of that window’s treatment onto the other one. This will keep the time you invest in your windows minimal and allow you to focus on other areas more thoroughly as well. 2.Sheer draping: The sheer draping option gives you loads of wiggle room as well as keeps the space feeling airy and bright. It won’t cover your windows all the way, allowing your room to glow with the natural light from the sun. This is a wonderful look, especially if you live in particularly scenic areas of the world. 3.Continuous drapes: The trick of continuous drapes is that they aren’t necessarily continuous. You can instead achieve this look simply by spreading the drapes and placing them accordingly so it looks like one continuous drape throughout the corner. This is a great accent piece for any room and should you choose to make it literally continuous, then that’s one less drape you have to worry about factoring into your budget.