Affordable Countertop Options that Look Just Like Marble

Remodeling projects are huge undertakings and there’s much to plan before getting too invested. One of the first things you’ll do when planning a project is create a budget. Once you do this, it can seem daunting to make big purchases on things like flooring and countertops. Those are two of the priciest aspects of a remodel and will suck up a large portion of your budget every time. This being said, there are many ways of cutting corners so to speak when it comes to fulfilling your remodeling goals. Instead of investing in countertops at the peak price range, aim for affordable countertop options that look just like marble. This keeps the class and style still there without forcing you to subject a huge chunk of your budget for it. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Quartz: The upsides of quartz seem never ending to most when investigating the pros of using it as a material for a countertop. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but it also is non-porous and just as durable as a granite surface. This makes it a low maintenance investment for you as well as something that will be able to hold up throughout the years. Quartz comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so getting one that looks similar to marble isn’t too difficult. White concrete: While this may seem a bit unorthodox at first, it’s a far more affordable way to get the look of marble. Since concrete is a material that can be shaped into virtually any form you choose, it makes it a flexible option for countertops as well. You can design shapes and patterns within it to make it appear more or less marble-like depending on your style. With a beautiful finish on top of it, it will be glossy and resemble the marble look flawlessly.