Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your windows is never a fun prospect, but if you’re able to do a good job, at least the task is worth it. So how do you get the cleanest, most sparkling windows around? Take a look at the following tips:

Outside & Inside

You should have one set of ‘tools’ for outside and one for inside – you’re welcome to use the same bucket of course, but your sponges and scrubbers should be separate. Both sides of the window have to cope with different challenges, and the last thing you want is to smear dirt around unnecessarily. The best tool you can use is a microfiber cloth – just remember to lay a towel down under the window when you’re inside. You don’t want to have a damp floor to deal with after.

Dish Soap

Dish soap still remains one of the cheapest and easiest options for window cleaning. You can buy specially designed products, but the right mix of dish soap can do just as good a job. Add a few drops to cool water and your sponges will glide gracefully. You should always choose an environmentally friendly, biodegradable brand – especially for exterior windows and homes with small children.


After washing with the dish soap solution, use a mix of water and distilled white wine vinegar in a spray bottles to help remove any streaks. Use a clean, lint free towel or newspaper pages to help buff and make your windows shine.

Weather Matters

A cool, cloudy day is the best time to wash the windows, as this will ensure nothing will dry on the panes.


Screens shouldn’t be neglected, and window cleaning is the ideal opportunity to give them some TLC. Rinse them with water, then using the same vinegar and water solution, soak them thoroughly. They need to dry completely before reinstalling them.

Magic Sponge

Finally if you have some stubborn stains and mineral deposits, use the trusty magic sponge!