Tips for Brightening up Your Home

The amount of light we have in our homes can make a huge difference not only to our decor but also to our overall mood. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as opening up your blinds and letting the sunshine in. You might need to get creative. Then there’s the question of privacy – just because you want light in your home doesn’t mean you want the entire neighborhood seeing in. So how can you brighten your home? Take a look at the following tips:

Window Treatment

The biggest factor in how bright your home is depends on your choice of window treatment. There are plenty of ways you can encourage natural light without giving up your privacy – one of the most favored ones we’re seeing in 2019 is sheer, lightly colored curtains. They add a luminous and elegant touch to your home without blocking natural light. Another option to look into is blinds constructed using the same material – these provide a higher degree of privacy and are easier manipulate. Then there’s design. There are cafe curtains, dual shades, vertical panels, as well as blinds that drop down from the top of the window. All these options provide you with ample light, brightening up your home greatly.

Lighter Flooring

Flooring demands a huge portion of your room on a visual level, so by opting for a lighter choice you can immediately brighten up any space. Light doesn’t have to mean a lack of character – patterns are extremely on trend (geometrics, vintage-inspired) as well as textures. You can opt for lighter woods if you’re getting new floorings, or use bright area rugs if not.

Bright and Light Cabinets

You’d be surprised by how much of your eye is taken up by cabinet space in the kitchen and bathroom. By opting for lighter cabinets, you can immediately brighten up any space. If you don’t have the budget to replace your kitchen anew, look into getting just cabinet doors instead. You can also consider using reflective fronts, including shiny materials, glass, and mirrors.