Low Vs High Pile Carpets

One of the most common queries when choosing a new carpet is what is pile and why does it matter? There are many differences between the many pile styles available – it just depends on your requirements. If you’re a pet owner and are shopping for the hallway, your pile choice is going to be different that if you’re redecorating the barely used guest bedroom.

What is Pile?

Pile is a way of describing the fibers (either synthetic, natural, or blend) in a rug or carpet. The pile of a carpet may be short or tall, and may be tightly wound or loosely. That (combined with the material used, the color, and pattern) affects the overall look, strength, and feel of a carpet. It’s important to consider what your new flooring will have to content with – your choice of pile is a part of that decision.

Low Pile

So is low pile the right option for your room? Low pile has many advantages, especially for areas that tend to see more footfall than average. Additionally, if anyone in your family suffers from allergies but still likes to have comfort underfoot, this length of pile doesn’t trap allergens as readily. Then there’s the advantage of robotic vacuums – they cope and clean low pile efficiently. If you don’t like spending your time cleaning generally, low pile is the right choice as it traps dirt less and is much easier to maintain.

High Pile

High pile is a great choice for rooms that need a little more comfort and plush. The higher length of the fibers mean they’re softer to the touch – making them a great option for the bedroom. High pile immediately imbues a room with a sense of warmth, coziness, and luxury. It does come with challenges – mainly in terms of keeping it clean and ensuring it doesn’t get damaged. However, it certainly makes up for it in terms of aesthetic and touch. One thing to be aware of is higher pile rugs are more fragile, so should be vacuumed and treated with care.