Will Colorful Cabinetry Work in Your Home?

Colored cabinetry is a rising trend in kitchen remodels. It’s an easy and exciting way to bring a custom look to your kitchen. If you’re wondering if colorful cabinetry will work in your home take a minute to evaluate your remodel goals. If you plan on living in your home for quite some time, or if you don’t mind painting or remodeling again before you sell, your color choices can be as unique as you are. Kitchen design can be used to compliment the decor of your home carrying over colors and themes, or conversely as a stand alone space that adds a pop of creative expression to your home. Whatever the case may be, when you’re not designing with buyers in mind your only limit is your imagination. Consider bright statement cabinets, or out of the box finishes. Lacquer cabinets are often used to create a modern minimalist design, and stand up to bright bold statement colors such as royal blues, cherry reds, and canary yellows. If you’re inspired by a more vintage feel distressing cabinets is another option. Chalk paint is a popular way to distress cabinets and furniture, and looks beautiful in pastel hues, creams, and teals. If you’re aim is to build equity for an upcoming sale or flip, don’t worry you can still incorporate color in to your design. Buyers are more open now than ever before to custom colors and spaces, but you may want veer towards more neutral on trend colors. Greys are king of the kitchen right now. Grey tones work well with stone and butcher block tops alike, and while they act as a neutral, grey cabinetry offers more warmth and character than traditional white. Dusty blues offer similar versatility, but make a slightly bolder statement. Pale greens, like mint and sage are easy to incorporate into the increasingly popular farmhouse style kitchen, or for something more rustic and warm consider brick red, or honey tones.