Creative Window Treatments that Will Add to Your Decor

The very best window treatments need to be functional and fashionable, because when done right the proper window treatments can pull your decor together and really finish your space. Given the vast array of shutters, blinds, and curtain styles available there is no limit to how innovative you can be when designing window treatments for your space. When finding ways to bring originality to your design it’s important to incorporate two key ideas in your designs, creative placement and creative materials. Creative Placement. Customize your space, by thinking outside the box, literally When hanging window treatments, especially curtains don’t be limited by your windows footprint. Instead use curtains to highlight structural, and architectural features. For instance, rather than draping the individual windows in a bay window, consider hanging curtains on either side of the alcove to frame the space as a whole. To create drama around a wall of sliders or large windows hang long curtains above the frame of the window for a floor to ceiling effect. Hanging fabric higher than your window frame also works to draw the eye upward in spaces with vaulted ceilings. Another way to utilize creative placement is by using curtains in outdoor spaces, like porches and pergolas. Hanging curtains outdoor can offer privacy and spatial division, as well as warmth and softness. Creative Materials You can incorporate creative materials in to your decor in any number of ways.Try finding new takes on traditional styles, like woven wood roman shades, or distressed wood valances. Another twist on valances is using vintage signs or reclaimed barn wood. For a bold use of light and shadow consider carved wood panels or laser cut screens. You can get creative with your fabrics and hardware too. Try utilizing graphic prints or maps for roll down blinds, and unique objects like tree branches, or industrial pipes as curtain rods.