What is Distressed Hardwood?

Distressed finishes are all the range in the decor world – and we’re not just talking about furniture and cabinets. Distressed hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular, especially for lovers of vintage and classic style. But what exactly is distressed hardwood, and how is it done?

The Distress is Deliberate

Distressed hardwood is the very deliberate act of creating a rustic finish on floor. As each is different based on how it is distressed, a lot of homeowner like it as it means you have a completely unique floor.

It Looks Old, But the Material is Often New

Unless you choose to use reclaimed wood, the actual wood used in the distressing is new. The finish, however, creates the illusion of antique or vintage flooring – a very desirable aesthetic.

What Method is Used?

Distressed hardwood is made by the wood being scraped in order to create random imperfections that give it a characteristic look. This is often done before it leaves the manufacturer.

What Style Does it Complement?

The great thing about distressed hardwood is it can complement a whole range of different tastes and styles. Traditionally it’s been chosen by those who enjoy more classic interiors, however recently we’ve seen a move towards this type of flooring being used in more contemporary spaces as a pleasing juxtaposition.

Do I Need to Maintain it?

Just like any other type of hardwood flooring, it’s very important to regularly maintain your distressed flooring. It needs to be vacuumed just as often, and will eventually need a new coat of varnish. It’s longevity will be greatly increased if it’s maintained.

Where Do I Purchase it?

You can often find a distressed section in many flooring providers’ catalogues, with a wide variety of wood types, finishes, and prices. Alternatively you may wish to hire a professional to come and distress your current floors – it’s not advised to DIY this project without a lot of practice!