Can I Install Hardwood Floors in any Room in My House?

In the past it was often assumed that if you opted for hardwood floor in the home, it should be the same material the whole way through – as well as being laid in the same pattern. Fast forward to today, and homeowners want more character and individuality.

How to Choose the Right Hardwood?

Not every hardwood works for every room – so don’t feel you have to limit yourself. A different wood adds a welcome visual and spatial break for your home. When it comes to choosing the woods for the different areas, bear in mind the materials still need to complement each other. You should also consider the size of the room (larger rooms can ‘take’ darker woods, smaller rooms should have lighter) as well where the room faces, as this will affect the fade on the flooring after time.

What if my Home is Open Plan?

If you have an open plan home, you can use different hardwood to contrast and infer area separation. Even if you just change the pattern of the flooring, it can be impactful.

What about Pattern?

Pattern is another element you can experiment with in the home – and it works great to add some character to a space. Pattern alterations are less dramatically different than material, but they still create a great deal more depth and interest. Be careful to choose a pattern which best fits the space – for example in a narrow room you want the panels to be running width-wise as opposed to length.

What if I Already Have Matching Hardwood?

If you already have matching hardwood and you want more variety in your home, you can always try to experiment with different finishes. There are countless options (including varnishes, stains, oils etc.) which will all have their own aesthetic and benefits.

Other Options

Hardwood is wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every room. You might also want to consider luxury vinyl or engineered wood in some of your rooms, which won’t be affected as easily moisture.