Tile Vs Vinyl Flooring

If you’re thinking of getting new tiles in your home, you might be pleasantly surprised by the variety of materials available to you. In the past homeowners were often limited to ceramic or stone, but thanks to advances in the interior design and engineering world, a new type of flooring is fast becoming one of the major players – vinyl. Vinyl is becoming increasingly more popular as it’s strong and versatile without having a large price tag attached. So which is right for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both to help make your decision…


In terms of lifespan, ceramic is the winner. Quite simply it lasts forever. This means you won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon. This is a major selling point for a lot of people, but if you enjoy changing up your style often to match current trends, it might not be the right choice for you.


Both of these materials don’t lack in the strength department. Ceramic is both durable and stable, especially when looked after and regularly maintained. If ceramic tiles are damaged it can be difficult to repair, but it takes a lot for it to get to that point. Luxury vinyl is equally as strong and has a cushioned layer underneath to protect it.

Water Resistance

Ceramic is incredibly resistant, with water having virtually no effect on the material. This is why it has been one of the most favored materials for bathrooms going back centuries. Vinyl is also quite water resistant, although it can be impacted by moisture eventually.


Luxury vinyl is often seen as the more affordable choice for those who want a premium product that will stand the test of time. Ceramic has a higher price tag, but it can be preferable to homeowners due to its timeless style. So which is the better option for your home? Well as with all flooring and decor choices, it often depends on a balance of both your taste and requirement.