How to Warm up an Office With Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is a popular choice for the office – it’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, has a long lifespan, is durable, and has a luxurious edge. That being said one of the major drawbacks is the lack of warmth it provides – even though an office is primarily designed for work, you also want it to be comfortable and cozy. Here are some tips on how to do just that: Purchase Area Rug(s) An area rug can make a significant difference in warming up your office floor and can also help to reduce the damage to your expensive marble tiles. You should put the rug in high traffic areas to encourage guests to use it, as well as underneath furnishings to give the illusion of different areas within your office. Remember the majority of your furniture (for example your desk and chair) should fit comfortably on the rug in order to make the room feel balanced. You should also consider having additional space to pull out your chair, as you don’t want to be slipping off. Put an Insulator Under the Rug By putting additional material under the rug you can gain even more insulation. Cork is a good option, though many anti-slip mats do a great job as well. Underfloor Heating This is an option if you have decent sized budget. It’s of course more expensive then getting rugs, however your office will never seem cold again. Underfloor heating combines well with marble tile as they hold the temperature comfortably for a long time, making the whole process efficient. Additional Heaters As we mentioned marble tiles can hold heat for a long time, but unfortunately that also works the opposite way too in that they hold the cold for longer than other types of flooring. A good way to fight this is to place additional heaters around your office to encourage the marble to absorb the heat and store it faster.