How to Pick a Floor for Your Home

Choosing flooring for your home can a tough choice – after all there are so many different types available and it’s difficult to know which will fit your family’s needs. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal; you also need to think practically about what the flooring will be contending with on a daily basis. With that in mind, here’s a step-by-step guide to help your decision easier: Will the Flooring be in an Area with a lot of Moisture? If you’re redecorating your bathroom or basement, you’ll need a flooring type suited to high moisture environments.  Tiles (ceramic, vinyl, or porcelain) are a great choice, but other choices (such as hardwood) can work as long are they’re treated beforehand.   Will the Flooring Need to be Durable? Of course we want all of our floors to be durable, but in areas with little foot traffic it doesn’t need to be a major concern. That’s not the case in the hallway and kitchen where durability should be a deciding factor. If you have young children and pets, you may want to check out less wear-resistant flooring so it’ll last long into the future. Carpet can be quite durable, as can tiles, laminate, and bamboo. Hardwood on the other hand tends to scratch easier. What is your Budget? There’s a huge range of different flooring types available for any budget – just remember you want it to last, which might mean spending a little more for the sake of longevity. Laminate tends to be the most affordable, exotic hardwoods the most expensive. Shop around online and see what you can find, as well as keeping an eye out for any sales.
  1. How much Maintenance Does it Need?
More to the point, how much maintenance do you want to give it? Vinyl and laminate are easily maintained, whereas hardwoods can be a labor of love but the aesthetic appeal makes it worth it. Remember to have rugs for high traffic areas to avoid too much wear and tear.   Who will Install it? Certain flooring is easier to install independently than others, and if you think you’ll struggle it’s better to ere on the side of caution and let the professionals do it for you. Laminate and varieties of vinyl can be pretty easily installed as they ‘float’ (connect to the previous board in installation). Carpets are much harder as they need to be tightly fitted to avoid accidents, and hardwood flooring should usually be installed by a professional.