Upcoming Trends in the Flooring Market

Looking to redecorate your home this year and wondering what direction to go in? Confused about what style and type? No need to panic, take a look at the hottest flooring trends of 2018 and take your pick! Eco-Friendly Nowadays environmental consideration is a big part of everyone lives, from your car to your energy provider. Flooring is no different. There are many eco-friendly options available which don’t break the bank and are still super fashionable, including:
  • Cork (can be finished with different paints to suit your home)
  • Bamboo (lots of variety and easy to install)
  • Concrete (this works especially well with industrial styles and can be polished and designed to replicated tiles)
  • Linoleum (long lifetime and durable)
  • Glass tiles (water resistant and easy to maintain)
  • Reclaimed Hardwood (a great option if you have your heart set on traditional wood flooring)
  • Rubber (great for the bathroom)
  • PET Berber (made from recycled plastic bottles)
Textures Texture is fast becoming one of the most dominant factors in fashionable flooring. Adding additional texture to your room via your rug, carpet, or hardwood changes the entire aesthetic of the décor, and you can contrast the textures with other items such as throws, furniture, and art. Textured floors are all the rage in 2018, choose from the following:
  • Wirebrushed
  • Distressed
  • Hand scraped
  Patterns Patterned flooring is back in a big way, so if you love a vintage look then this might be the one for you. It’s funky, cool, and really adds some energy creating a statement in the room. You can opt for graphic tiles, chevron wood patterns, vinyl, or linoleum. Match it with some textured area rugs and you’re onto a winner. Colors This summer’s colors tend to be more on the earthy, natural side – think greys, soft mustards, olives, bleached wood, honeys, etc. This gives you free range to be bolder with the rest of your décor, such as your furnishings and décor. Au Natural Finally natural materials are another popular choice in the home of 2018 – stone being a primary choice.