Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Remodeling

Creating a vintage-inspired kitchen remodel can be a scary thing to embark on. Even if you love vintage styled homes and remodels, there is a good vintage and a bad one. If you over do the vintage styling you could be investing a lot of money in the one place that would provide you the most return on your money, the kitchen. But we’ve also seen beautifully designed vintage inspired kitchen remodels and so we want to share some tips we have learned. First, add a touch of vintage with your appliances. Usually you can find stainless steel in most homes but if you are inspired to live the vintage way you can add a pop of color with a fridge that is a different color. The edges of your refrigerator are what give it that vintage feel, usually older refrigerators have rounded corners like the ones you see in a diner. Another appliance that can change your kitchen vibe is if you change out that regular old boring sink for a farmhouse sink. Buyers love a nice large sink, so this is a great choice just in case you’ll ever resell your home. To keep it true to the vintage theme you can add a plaid curtain below it or you can find old pedestal legs and add a touch of character. In a lot of modern homes you will find very sleek and non-colorful cabinetry, but in a vintage kitchen this is where you can really show some personality. If you are willing to do some hard work and repaint your cabinets then we suggest using any pastel color you like. Pastel colors in the kitchen was very popular back in the day, so it is a great way to help your kitchen feel even more vintage inspired.