Will Traditional Drapes Look Outdated in My Modern Home?

Ahh the traditional drapery phase.. We have to admit, we are glad it has passed. This era included oversized furniture, dark patterned rugs, and last but not least, heavy drapery. The simple answer to whether your traditional drapes will make your modern home look outdated is yes, it will. But what do you do after you realize that it will out-date your home? Well we have some solutions for you to help make your window treatments just as beautiful and dramatic without the heavy coverings. First, and obvious, ditch the old drapery. “Remove heavy window treatments, like draperies made from velvet or brocade fabrics. Heavy drapes can make a room look dark, stuffy and too formal. Take down worn or outdated window blinds.” We couldn’t agree more. A modern home deserves updated window treatments to give go with the feel of the rest of the home. Some window treatments that you can use to update your space are easy to pick! We always love the look of sheer window treatments. They don’t have to be see through but they have to let the light in. A modern home is all about sleek lines and bright rooms. So this treatment will give you natural lighting but also give you privacy in your home.  To add more modern touches to your window treatments you can experiment with moving up your curtain rod and hanging longer curtains. This will keep the elegance of your once heavy drapery while modernizing the space. Hanging curtain rods higher than at your natural window edge helps to also give the illusion that your windows are floor to ceiling and that your room is quite spacious.   Traditional drapery can ruin the feel of a modern home. When you have vintage drapery in an updated modern home it will feel like every room that has heavy drapery is overdressed and very formal. You want to avoid this because modern homes use each space wisely and in 0a very useful way.