Unusual Cabinet Designs You Might Love

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where your personality comes to life. And why not take that a step further and show that in your cabinetry? We love unique designs that add value and a flair to any space. We have put together a list of a few cabinets that you may just fall in love with. First we want to start off with our favorite mix of an industrial and modern look and bring it into your home. This look includes using exposed iron sides while keeping the cabinetry see-through. This pick helps you open up your space and keep it nice and bright. The exposed iron poles help bring a touch of vintage and industrial to your kitchen. You can spice it up and add a feature piece that everyone will be talking about. Looking to spice up your farmhouse look? You don’t have to live within all the rules when it comes to designing your kitchen. We love the look of adding wooden crates where you would usually have a two shelf cabinet. We suggest only doing this on the lower cabinets to keep it from looking over done. You can achieve this look by taking off a cabinet door and taking off the hardware. What is fun about adding wooden crates is you can paint them any color you want or stain them to match or pop. Lastly, our top choice for unusual cabinets is the cabinet that just keeps giving. You can include a cabinet that not only opens, but pulls out and hides a perfect place for storage. We all have been in a kitchen that doesn’t have enough space for storage and instead of adding an island or extra cabinets. Adding hidden storage keeps your kitchen open and very functional. Future buyers will even love it!