3 Tips for Nailing the Wood Tile Look

Any home that has a natural wood look gives it a touch that you can’t help but love. You may be wondering what is wood tile, well wood tile is another alternative to laminate wood flooring, which laminate is installed by using a peel and stick method. Wood tile flooring is installed by grouting the tile joist together. Our first tip to help you nail your wood tile look is to lay out your flooring before you install it. Due to how wood tile is made there is a repetitive pattern that it comes with. You don’t want to have a noticeable pattern on your living room floor, so to help you avoid this we suggest rotating the orientation of your wood tile. Flip it around and spread it out that way it all looks unique to your home. Second, look at the material your flooring is made out of. Wood tile flooring is made out of porcelain, ceramic and concrete. The most popular choice on wood tile flooring does happen to be porcelain. You should choose this material if you are looking for a touch of warmth that comes along with durability in your home. We love using porcelain wood tile flooring in our bathroom because it keeps the moisture out while giving the room a beautiful spa feel.   Thirdly, and lastly, a tip we love so much we want everyone to learn it… and it’s about grout. Knowing what shade to grout your tile flooring with is so important because different grout colors can make different impacts on your space. We suggest finding the darkest grout color in your flooring color palette and working with that. Grouting your floor in a shade darker than your floors helps give the illusion that your floor is all one piece and the grout lines are just shadows. This helps give a cohesive look throughout your home.