How to Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Choosing cabinets for your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. There are so many different colors and designs to go with when you are remodeling your kitchen that we’re not sure we can fit all our tips in one article, but we will give you the most important tips. Our first tip would be for you to remember what your house feel is. Is your home modern, rustic, country, etc. By remembering this it will help you pick your cabinets because not all cabinets come in every color, so from the start you can narrow down your search. You don’t want to paint your country cabinetry a white color when you should keep the wood of the cabinets natural looking. Another tip that we always remind our clients is to stick with the pattern. You might be thinking, but what does that even mean? Well, when you are working on picking a cabinet color you should keep in mind what color your floors and countertops are. When you have a kitchen with dark floors you ideally would keep your cabinets light and your countertop dark. This helps keep your kitchen feel bright and not too dark and not too bland. Once you’ve narrowed it down to whether it is going to be light or dark you can then move forward with what type of shade to use. You want to keep your home as modern and as aligned with your home style as much as possible. Picking modern, sleek cabinets and living in a country home can make it feel out of place and future buyers don’t always like that. No matter what you do we do suggest shying away from a very dark color. Even if your flooring is light you can pick a color that isn’t too bold and will transition nicely against the floor and countertop. Picking too many darks in a home can make the space feel smaller than it actually is and not as open and welcoming.