How to Pair Your Kitchen Countertops and Flooring

  Pairing your kitchen countertops and flooring can be difficult. There are a world of choices out there, especially if you are starting with a nearly empty kitchen. Changing your kitchen countertops and flooring can make a huge impact on your home, but then again that’s why you’re doing this though, isn’t it? First thing when pairing your countertops and flooring is to stick to a color scheme. Once you pick a color scheme you can narrow down what else you want to add to your kitchen and which highlight colors you would like. Using highlight colors in your kitchen can help make it cozier and bring out pop of colors. When figuring out your color scheme, go to what you are drawn to most. You don’t want your kitchen to be too bright or dark compared to the rest of your house. Your kitchen is the hub of your home so choosing a warm, welcoming color will help add to the feeling of home. After you figure out your color scheme you can figure out which kitchen countertops you would like. Usually, in kitchens you will see a pattern of dark, light, dark or vice versa, light, dark, light. This helps keep the contrast between your countertops, cabinets and floor. You ideally want something that matches, but not too perfectly. If you have a dark countertop you would most likely pick out a light cabinet, and then proceed with a darker warm colored floor. Another tip while pairing both your countertop and flooring is to not over-do it. Try to stay within a three-color color scheme. Adding too many colors to a space can turn out to look chaotic and cramped. Try to keep your colors all connected. For example, after you choose your countertop and you find there are some gold tints to it then your backsplash can be gold which will help it pop through your countertop. There are so many options out there and Naffco doesn’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Talk to one of our professionals and we will help get you set up with the dream kitchen you always wanted.