3 Ways to Use Stock Cabinets Outside the Kitchen

There are so many incredible ways to use stock cabinets outside of the kitchen that you will be shocked. Many people throw or recycle their unused cabinets out if they don’t fit in their kitchen, but joke’s on them. We are about to give you some mind-blowing ideas on how to use them for any space in your house. Reimagining and recreate with your stock cabinets. One of our favorite ways to do this is to turn the cabinet sideways and reconfigure it. When you lay the cabinet sideways you end up having the perfect height for an entry bench. To make it match your home better, add a coat of paint and a comfortable cushion on top that matches your entryway. While you’re at it you can even add some legs onto the cabinets to raise it just a smidge. And since the cabinets were originally made to store items, why not use it for the same use? You can rotate how these cabinets connect and open them to the side and still use it for storage. Now if you have more than just two pairs of extra cabinets you might be feeling overwhelmed, but the good news is that we have an awesome idea for you. Extra cabinets are so versatile and if you have many you can use them for a bookshelf. How this would work is you would take your extra cabinets and align them in your desired space where you would like to have bookcases. Screw them in place and there you go, extra hidden storage for your reading nook. You can add extra shelving above the cabinets to give it a full floor to ceiling look. Last, but not least, use your cabinets for a seating bench. Very similar to our entryway storage idea, but made for the kitchen. If you have an eat-in kitchen this could be the perfect answer. You can lay the extra cabinets sideways and incorporate them in your kitchen. Because they are more than likely extras from a specific type of cabinet you had chosen, it will give a flawless transition from the cabinets in your kitchen to cabinets under your breakfast nook bench. This will provide a beautiful look that matches the rest of your area.