Tips for Home Decorating Using Area Rugs

The implementation of an area rug can revitalize any room; it gives the illusion of space, ties the décor together, and indicates separate areas. In short the right rug can make a phenomenal difference to the design of pretty much any room in your home, and thankfully there’s plenty of choice no matter your budget or style. Size People often make the mistake of buying an area rug that’s too small for the room. You might think that by having a smaller rug it’ll create the impression of more space, when it actually does the opposite. Smaller rooms should always have a rug that’s on the larger size which offers enough space to comfortably fit the majority of the furniture on. Don’t worry if your rug isn’t quite big enough – as long as you place at least the front legs of the furniture on it, the room should still be balanced. Use a Rug To Create Different Areas in One Room If you have more space and furniture to play with, a great way to suggest separation is to use several area rugs. This works wonderfully for those with open plan homes – having the dining area on a separate rug to the lounge furniture for example. The styles of the pieces you choose don’t necessarily have to match but they should complement each other sufficiently. You could do this by having a similar pattern or figuring out a shade that fits based on the color wheel. Colors, Style, and Patterns The great thing about area rugs is that they bring so much energy and beauty into a room – it’s like art for your floor! You can be bolder and riskier with your choices and have a lot of fun with the patterns. Don’t necessarily worry about matching everything – play with clashing patterns and look for variety in your décor as a whole. If you have a smaller room opt for lighter colors and less busy patterns, in bigger rooms you can experiment with darker and more complex styles. Shape Don’t feel trapped by thinking you have to choose a rectangle area rug – they come in all shapes and sizes and are suited to different purposes. If you have a circular dining table it’s a great idea to have a rug that imitates the shape. The same goes for the shape of the room generally – a square rug works better in a square room as it replicates it and achieves a more balanced aesthetic. Material The material you choose for your area rug should be informed by not only the way it looks, but also by where it’s going to be. Living rooms and hallways have way more foot traffic, so their rugs need to be more durable than those in the bedroom.