What is the Best Kind of Rug for a Bedroom Floor?

Choosing the right rug makes a huge difference to your bedroom. Not only does it add to the décor, it alters the entire shape and feel of the space. You also need to think practically about what you need the rug for; bedrooms are meant to be a place of refuge, for comfort and relaxation. These factors should inform your choice just as much as the design and shape. Let’s take a look at some top tips for finding the best rug for your bedroom: Material Rugs can be made out of many different materials, all of which have different benefits, drawbacks, and of course costs. Luckily bedrooms have much less foot traffic than other areas, so you have more options as wear and tear isn’t a major concern. Silk is a luxurious material bound to make your feet happy – just remember it’ll need professional cleaning and can show footsteps quite easily. Cotton is an affordable option that’s easy to clean, although it doesn’t have as much longevity as other materials. Synthetics are even less costly but lack some of the comfort. Finally we have wool, a super comfy and durable material that’s a good choice for the bedroom. Size The size you want your rug to be is of course dependent on the area you have to work with, as well as the layout. For smaller rooms opt for large rug that fits both underneath and around the bed, as this gives an illusion of space. If your room is more spacious with a seating area or desk, use smaller rugs to infer separate areas. Pattern and Style Rugs should help tie in the entire décor of a room, so when redecorating it’s a smart idea for it to be the first item on your shopping list. You can then build the rest of the décor (such as throw pillows, ornaments, and wall color) around it. When it comes to style it really comes down to your preference, however its generally accepted you should opt for a patterned style if you have plain walls and vice versa – however don’t be afraid of mixing patterns if they complement each other. Additionally take into consideration the color of the flooring, as the pattern and color of the rug can be greatly affected by what surrounds it.