What Purpose Do Carpets Serve?

Carpets have a long history going back thousands of years – did you know the oldest surviving carpet still in existence dates back to 5th Century BC? They’re interwoven into our past for as long as we can remember, and are found in the majority of cultures and homes across the globe. Carpets also boast an unwavering popularity, with a huge variety of styles and materials, shapes and sizes to choose from.  But what is their purpose, and why are they such an important part of every country’s home décor? Insulation One major reason why we love carpets so much is the warmth they provide, however not everyone realizes they provide insulation in hot climates too.  In fact they keep in 10-20% more than non-carpeted homes, saving on household costs and keeping you cozy or cool in the process. You can even get a thicker underlay for more insulation if needed. Stopping Slips and Trips Another prominent benefit carpets provide is their slip resistance. This can help to avoid accidents – which is especially important if you have children and pets at home. Additionally falling on a carpeted floor is a great deal softer than the harder alternative. Noise The click-clacking of shoes on hardwood floors can easily be avoided by fitting carpets, runners, or rugs. The material greatly diminishes noise, absorbing footsteps, and making your home a more peaceful place. Comfort One of the main advantages this type of flooring provides is its comfort. It immediately brings a sense of coziness to any room, and this is often why it’s used in bedrooms and lounges. Aesthetics Finally, carpets are such a popular choice for flooring that they come in pretty much any shape and style imaginable. You can choose from countless materials (each with their own benefits) as well as a huge range of different patterns and colors. Carpets have the ability to change the way a room looks and feels, adding to the overall décor and being an important decorative element to any room.