Summer DIY Renovations: Outdoor Cooking and Dining

Having an outdoor space to cook as well as serve an amazing dinner is great because it eliminates the need to run back and forth, inside and out.  Why leave your guests waiting outside when you can prepare your food right there with them?  Although going all out with outdoor appliances is definitely an option, it isn’t entirely necessary.  The three keys to having a great outdoor entertaining space include:
  1.  A surface to prep and serve food
  2. A dining area that has the option of shade whether it’s an umbrella, gazebo or pergola
  3. Good lighting to have the option to keep the party going later on.
These tips are great for almost any budget, but if you have always had your heart set on splurging a bit on a full outdoor kitchen and renovation, there is no time like the present.  Adding an outdoor kitchen (cooking, grilling, sink, refrigerator, etc.) can actually add value to your home. Dining outdoors doesn’t have to mean the typical glass top, metal frame table with wicker chairs either.  A properly covered outdoor dining area has the ability to have as much function and style as any indoor dining room.  A large farm-inspired table with a beautiful table cloth, unique (and preferably comfortable) chairs and the right decor can take your outside eating area from a typical space to a comfy oasis that anyone would be proud to entertain in. The most important thing to remember when designing your outdoor area is to use your imagination and focus on your needs.  Think about what matters most to you when entertaining or simply having a family dinner outside.  If you like to entertain with intricate cocktails and craft brews, maybe invest more in your bar area.  Love cooking from scratch?  Maybe a stone pizza oven is the stuff your dreams are made of.  Whatever sparks a flame in your heart, focus on that and no matter how big or small, your outdoor cooking and dining area will be something all your own.