Styles From Around the World – African Art and Home Décor

The continent of Africa evokes exotic and beautiful imagery, which is why for decades it has been a popular choice for the more adventurous interior designer. There are many ways to add some African style into a space, and the great thing is they don’t have to cost the earth. Try implementing some of the following:

1. Color Scheme

The hues of traditional African-inspired décor tend to be a combination of light and earthen shades. You can choose reds, browns, yellows, browns etc. paired with lighter, neutral paints. Patterned wallpapers really make a statement and instantly add character and individuality to a space.

2. Magic Materials

Combining specific materials and textures can add some African-inspiration to any home, especially when combined with the suggested color palette above. Dark wood is a popular choice whether this be in furniture, picture frames or ornaments. Upholster opulent, angular furniture in faux animal skin, or choose rattan or wicker furniture for a less intense look. Scatter some cushions or throws in bright patterns to add splashes of color and diversity.

3. Ornaments and Decorations

This is a relatively inexpensive and impactful way to experiment with this type of style. Wooden items are among the most popular, including masks, baskets, figures and plates. You can find these at thrift shops or online fairly easily – mix and match different sizes and styles against a contrasting wall for a powerful visual effect. There are also great websites online that provide ethical items made in Africa that offer some incredible pieces. Add art to the walls that depict the continent or are inspired by it to finish off a room.

4. Ethical Ideas

A lot of what makes this kind of design pop is bright, patterned, traditional textiles that you can purchase on ethical websites. Throws, weaved carpets, table cloths, bedspreads, curtains, cushions and wall hangs all made in unique and eye-catching classic African designs tie a room together, and are pieces of art themselves. There is so much variety when it comes to these types of pattern, so research around and find one that will be perfect for your home.