Tips for Creating an Amazing Outdoor Cooking and Dining Area

Summer is coming and you swore this year you’d enjoy more time outside in the backyard, but you just can’t get over that rundown back patio area where you hide your grill away, let’s make this year different! There are so many affordable, quick and simple ideas that can help you enjoy your outdoor dining space even more with your friends and family. Here are a couple ideas that have proven to lift the energy back up in your outdoor kitchen area:
  1. Don’t hold back

Take a chance and turn up the heat this summer! Go ahead and make your outdoor focal point your cooking and dining area. That’s right, show off that beautiful stainless grill. As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home so by deciding to make your outdoor cooking area your main attraction you’ll never be a lonely-griller again. But how can you make this happen? An easy way to make a statement out of your cooking area is to extend the grill top and add countertop. You can easily build a brick foundation, all you need is concrete mix, and a countertop from your local hardware store to bring it together.
  1. Dress it up

You’ve got the counter space, so now it’s time to add the fun, final touches. There are so many options to choose from when you go to spice up your space that can suit your unique style. This may not be a huge renovation, but don’t underestimate the power of refreshing your area. There is nothing that adding a few new placemats, colorful dishware and a giant pitcher in the shape of an octopus can’t change! Pro tip: don’t be scared to make a statement. Summer colors are meant to be bold and fun, plus you can always change it up next year!
  1.  Light it up

Whether it be lighting up the grill to make some specialty burgers or having friends and family over for a fire, we can guarantee that your lighting can change your outdoor area in an instant. If you have an outdoor cooking area under a couple of trees, hanging string lights from branch to branch can make your space feel cozy and inviting. If that’s not an option, then adding a small (or large depending on area size) fire pit that turns on by just the turn of a propane tank or a lighter can help add warmth to your party. Your friends will feel cozy and ready to relax and warm up while enjoying the sweet summertime.