How to Declutter Your House (Without Giving Away Your Stuff)

  Organization is the key to living a clutter-free life.  Why?  Because when things are organized, not only is it easier to find the things you need but it is easier to spot things that don’t belong there or the things you don’t use anymore.  So you’ve been harped on in the past to “get rid of all your junk” but have a hard time parting ways?  These tips for organization can help you put things in their rightful place, make your space (big or small) look tidier and ensure that you have access to use all that “junk” you love so dearly. Try organizing your drawers.  Whether it’s your underwear drawer, your toothbrush drawer or your junk drawer.  Many products are on the market for this actual purpose but most of them are a little more pricey than necessary.  Using a simple utensil tray from the kitchen section of a department store can help easily store, jewelry, toothbrushes or the pens, pencils, scissors and more that can be found in your junk drawer.  Using an old shoe box in your sock and/or underwear drawer is an easy and affordable way to add quick organization to your wardrobe. Are you a makeup addict and have bags upon bags within other bags filled with products?  Now don’t laugh…tackle box.  This may sound funny but this is actually one of the best ways to organize makeup.  Not only are tackle boxes heavy duty, ensuring that the products you use stay intact but they are also designed to have any small separators that make finding what you need much easier.  Big or small, all tackle boxes are designed to do the same thing; keep small stuff safe and in places.  Perfect for any makeup aficionado.  While organizing, although it’s hard to part ways with things you love, products do have expiration dates. These small tips are great but the biggest thing to remember when decluttering is to go room-by-room and don’t overwhelm yourself.  A little bit at a time.  And while going room-to-room, if you find something that doesn’t belong, put it in the room where it does belong, but don’t get stuck in that room or you might find yourself overwhelmed again.  Once you have successfully decluttered your home, take the time to appreciate all your hard work.  And lastly, remember to keep your home decluttered.  Life gets crazy and sometimes things get in the way, but if you do your best to keep your home clutter-free on a day-to-day basis, it will make your next spring cleaning venture a lot easier.