Summer DIY Renovations: Energy-Efficient Ways to Cool Your House

  There are a multitude of ways to cool your home in an energy-efficient manner, ranging from small, inexpensive changes to larger, more costly ones.  Depending on your living situation, you can make an easier decision on which method or methods work best for you and your family.  Using energy-efficient appliances and sources of heating or cooling is surely the way of the future and no matter how much you decide to invest, the money will not be wasted. If you are currently renting a place and just looking for a way to save on your electric bill month-to-month, then small, inexpensive changes would be a good option for you.  Room-darkening window treatments are a great option for renters because you can not only save money on your monthly energy bill but you can also bring them with you to your new place when you leave.  Room-darkening curtains, blinds and window panels can not only cut out light from entering your home and keep the cool in but it can also help to eliminate noise, a great solution for sleeping babies and daytime naps.   If you are in a more permanent living situation and interested in investing in long-term savings, a solar powered air conditioning unit is a great option for you.  This option is a little more costly but it will help to not only save on your energy bills but add value to your home as well.  By harnessing the power of the sun which ironically is the culprit for your warm home, you can cool your house in a cost-efficient way that is also less harmful to the environment. A middle-ground solution that will benefit your wallet in both the winter and summer months is a smart thermostat.  There are many different brands with varying costs but most of which will allow you to program the temperature of your home right from your smart phone.  These smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and will self-program for you even if you forget it set it yourself.  Running your cooling for less time than you normally do will help you save money without investing too much into a brand new system.