Is Tile Really Better than Vinyl Flooring?

Tile or vinyl? This is one of those questions that we really like to say it is up to the homeowner, but if you are still weighing the options we have some things for you to consider in making your decision. We’ve put a list of pros and cons together to hopefully lead you down the path to help you decide. If not we always suggest buying a few square feet of both options and laying them down in the room you are installing new floors in and decide after you’ve visually seen them in there for about a week.   One of the pros to tile versus vinyl is the look. You can’t replicate the way real tile looks so when you choose vinyl it will be noticeable. This could be a good or bad thing depending on your space. If you have a home where you need a floor that can withstand a lot of accidental spills and harsh contact than real tile may not be the answer. Tile definitely adds something a little extra, that shouldn’t be what your whole decision is based off of.   Also, consider the installation time. If you are looking for a budget friendly, quick fix then you might be better off choosing vinyl flooring. This flooring is easy to install and comes in bigger squares so you will need less than if you were to do smaller tile flooring. Vinyl also cost less because of the product it is made of. Tile is a great idea if you are looking to upgrade your older home and stay within the right time frame or if you are planning to define an elegant space or area.   Lastly, think about the future of this home. Even though a vinyl flooring might be what you need right now to fit your current lifestyle, how well will your home sell if you were to put it on the market? There is no doubt that tile flooring looks better and appeals more to the average buyer. Vinyl is a quick fix for any flooring solution, but tile will add a touch of charm to any home.