Restoring Your Cabinetry The Easy Way

Restoring your cabinetry can be quite the project, it could be done over a span of time or it can be done over a weekend of hard work. Restoring your cabinets is always worth it though. It can vastly improve the feel of your kitchen and your home. Changing the cabinets will add a fresh look, making your home feel charming and warm. How do you go about this in the easiest way? Well you will first want to plan out what you want to do to restore them. You want to assess the damage too. Not all cabinets will be in tip top shape so we suggest taking extra time with the cabinets that aren’t even close to being up to par. Some may have holes in them or falling down. You can take these ones off first, sand them down and then work on the quality of them. You may have to plaster the cabinets that have holes. To restore all the other cabinets that don’t have damage done to them you will still want to follow the same steps of removing the hardware, sanding and priming. Next you can paint your cabinets according to the color you planned. We always suggest going the opposite of your countertops, this adds a focal point and gives the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is. Once you are done painting your cabinets, here is the fun part… You get to pick the new hardware! Adding fresh hardware gives you the chance to spruce up the kitchen without breaking your bank. And it is quite easy we might add. Just head to your hardware store and make sure they are all matching. We have seen a whole kitchen space change just with adding fresh hardware. Lastly, if you want to have a little fun and have the budget then we love a custom kitchen. You can add a fun feature cabinet by removing the inside layer of your cabinet and replacing it with plexiglass. You can add small lights to the tops of the shelves to make your nice dinnerware shine and give the look of a high class remodel.