Summer DIY Renovations: Finally Getting the Walk-In Closet You’ve Always Dreamed About

Ladies, this one’s for you! This summer is the year you are finally going to do it.. you’re finally going to build that dream walk-in closet. Even though the idea is marvelous, sometimes when you think about putting your dream into action you realize it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started and help you beat the awe-inspiring task.
  1. Design your layout

Do not skip this part, it is so important. Designing your layout includes more than just daydreaming about a glorious walk-in closet with a crystal chandelier, it involves thinking a little deeper. You have to consider what you want on display. For example, if you have a lot of watches that you would like showcased, then you might want to include a light up shelf that helps make all of those beautiful watches shine. If you are a shoe collector, then you will want to measure how tall your highest heel is and create shelving based on that to help display them.
  1. Organize

You can still make your dreams come true without totally demoing your closet.  With just a few small changes you can completely revamp your space. First, go through your closet, get out whatever is holding you back… especially those 80s platform shoes. Next, grab your organizational binds and get to work. Organizing your closet can change the whole feel without spending a lot. It can help make you feel like you have a celebrate closet after you organize enough to place everything where it is meant to be while having your favorite glam items on display.
  1. Lighting

Lighting can change everything in a small space, especially your closet. Plus, good lighting is perfect for trying on your outfits for the day. Go from dark and dingy to bright and airy. Going to your local hardware store and picking out new lighting fixtures can change your closet without putting in a lot of work. Feel free to even make it a little more fabulous and grab a small, bright chandelier to add to your space. Pro tip: After adding a new light fixture go ahead and add some mirrors around your closet. This will help give the illusion that your closet is bigger than it really is!