Summer DIY Renovations: Enjoy the Summer Sunshine with Window Replacement

Do you ever feel like your house is just missing a little extra something? You might be right. A lot of older architecture didn’t involve adding numerous windows to the home. Just like how back in the day older designs used to include a lot of colored carpeting…but that’s another topic for another time. So this summer make your house feel brand new with window replacements and let the sunshine come on in!
  1. Educate yourself

As we mentioned above, older homes weren’t equipped with beautiful, efficient windows and this may cause an issue if you are looking to replace them. When replacing your windows remember to educate yourself on what materials you might need. Be prepared to find whatever type of installation your older home used for their windows which may be very different than what you’re used to. Windows nowadays are more efficient than ever so remember to also learn about different window treatments and what they can do to help bring your energy cost down.
  1. Choosing a window

When it comes time to choose a window that fits your family’s needs and goals, it can be tough. There are hundreds even thousands of options. A great way to pick a window style is to acknowledge the style of your house, whether that be a ranch style or a Tudor. You want to stay consistent with the architecture of your home, but by all means, that doesn’t mean continue overpaying for your electricity bill. When you are choosing you can also consider how much you are willing to spend and how much of this project you want to do on your own. Expert Boyes says,” Choosing quality windows plus expert installation would generally run anywhere from $500 to $1,200 for each unit, depending on the style. Picture windows, bays, and bows would cost more.” Although installing windows can 100 percent be a DIY project, we encourage you to check out your options and to read up and watch videos on how to install yourself, should you choose that path. Whichever you choose, this summer will be one to remember. We know one thing for sure, no one ever regretted adding a little more sunshine to their lives!