Storage Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

  Everyone (every woman at least) dreams of having a large, spacious laundry room.  This isn’t usually the case for the majority of us.  So what to do if you have a small space?  Organization is key.  Building a countertops space (if you have a front-loading washer AND dryer) is probably the easiest way to give yourself space to start off.  Not only can you use this space to store your detergents and other cleaners but it is a great surface to fold clothes on or put folded clothes on until the party they belong to picks them up. Two words; baskets and shelves.  The combination of these two things can help make any small space look cleaner and more organized.  Using good, solid shelves above your washer and dryer eliminates the need for as much storage in the rest of your laundry area.  Plastic baskets can be easier to clean but choosing wicker, linen-lined wicker especially can give the space a more cozy feel while also hiding any small clutter a little better. If you really want to hide clutter, consider adding some hanging cabinets above your washer and dryer.  This permanent storage solution is a little neater to the eye, adds a little value to your home but doesn’t have the mobility that basket storage would.  That being said, you totally have the option of using a combination of both cabinets as well as basket storage for a customized look that will fit your needs.   Don’t forget about hanging clothes.  For a small nook of a laundry space, using one small cabinet or set of shelves and connecting a pole for hanging clothes in between is a great solution for delicates.  For the creative soul, hanging a small, antique ladder from the ceiling (with a chain or however you like) is a fun and creative way to hanging clothes for drying.  There is no right or wrong way to store things in your laundry area, just remember to have fun with it and don’t forget about decor!