Creative Alternatives to Bookshelves

  Everyone loves a good bookshelf.  It can be a great accent to almost any room; living room, kitchen, kid’s room, etc.  But some bookshelves can be awfully expensive and really you end up paying for the same, run-of-the-mill look of every other bookshelf on the market.  Instead of the same old thing, why not treat yourself and the book lover inside you to something a little out of the box? One great alternative for a kid’s room is to use plastic rain gutters to store books.  Not only are these unique and affordable but they can also display rather than hide your child’s favorite books.  What could be more inspiring for a kid to grab a book and cozy up in a corner and read?  Much more inviting to the attention of a child than the mere binding of a book, and if done in the right way can even be a decorative piece for their room. For a larger, probably more adult, collection of books, consider a little more permanent solution to storing your favorite titles.  Boxing in a doorway with shelves or building them along a stairway is a unique way to house many books as well as any small mementos, statues, awards, pictures, etc.  Definitely more fun than a staircase full of awkward family photos.  For an even more personal touch, try a fun pop of color painted on the wall in between the shelves. Building a bookshelf onto the end of your kitchen island is a great way to store all those cookbooks or magazines that really deserve a place near the oven and not your living room.  Don’t have a peninsula or island in your kitchen?  Try a bar or microwave cart.  Not only is this a nice alternative because it’s mobile, but you could also use the top surface as a prepping area, storage, a coffee bar, or whatever you want.  The possibilities are endless.