Simple Changes to Make Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall has to be hands down the best time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is starting to cool down, the smell of pumpkin spice and delicious lattes are surrounding you. With the seasons changing, there is no real reason why you can’t change up your home. Here are some simple changes that can make all the difference in your home when it comes to the changing season.

1. Aroma

When you walk into a retail store during the fall one of the first things you notice is the delightful smell of pumpkin spice candles. Yes, they do this on purpose. Using the sense of smell to sell product is one of the easiest ways to move merchandise, but why is that? Usually, an aroma of something will take you back to your favorite memory or what you relate that smell to. For some, pumpkin spice reminds them of Thanksgiving and having quality time with their family in the kitchen while they bake pumpkin pie. Adding a candle or two throughout your house will undoubtedly warm up your home but also bring the fall season indoors.

2. Color switch

The second way to get your home ready for fall is by spicing up the colors around your house. Small changes like adding a fall colored garland to your mantel or to your console table can make a huge difference. You can even take it as far as adding a pop of colors through different curtains or throw blankets. Warming up the space with fall colors is a great way to change your house around for the season in an elegant way. People will take notice of the earthy tones and start to feel excited about the new season ahead.

3. Dining

You may be thinking that dishes are an expensive way to change up your home for the new season, but don’t scratch the idea yet. Adding a pop of color through dishes can add holiday fun to your meals. You don’t need to replace your whole set of dishware, but you can add a couple of small appetizer plates to top off your entree plates when it comes to dinner. Guest will see the pop of fun without knowing that it cost you half the price as changing all the dishware. You may also consider changing your napkin colors and napkin holders. A touch as small as adding a pumpkin napkin holder to your dining room table can be a great way to have fun with the season!