Easiest and Quickest Flooring Installations

When it comes to updating and upgrading your interior space, flooring is always a good way to bring everything together. Flooring can change the whole feel of a room as soon as you walk in. It is the first thing you notice when you visit any home or even when you’re looking to purchase a home. Here are some of the easiest and quickest floor installations if you’re tight on time and doing this project yourself. Our first choice has to be a floating hardwood floor. This flooring is unique because of the way it is installed. Instead of nailing and gluing this flooring down you simple snap it together. It technically “floats” above your old floor. This method saves a ton of time for do-it-yourselfers, but still gives a beautiful result at the end no matter what color or kind of wood you decide on. The only true downside of this flooring is that you can’t sand down and stain the wood as many times as you could if it were glued to the ground. Another way to spruce up your flooring is to paint it! Sounds different than most methods, but we promise the outcome is positively gorgeous. Painting an old hardwood floor can bring your house up-to-date without breaking the budget. All you have to do is decide on the color, sand down your old flooring (depending on what you’re painting over) and go for it. We have seen floors painted solid and even with a new modern pattern, like tiles. Each room has been revamped in less than a day, just have to get to work! Lots of homes these days attract others with their hardwood floor finished look, but there is something to be said about having carpet in a few rooms. There is no better feeling than having a place where your feet can feel warm and cozy, especially on those colder winter mornings. So when looking for a quick and easy way to update flooring, we couldn’t ignore the simplicity of installing carpet. After only minutes a carpet can be tacked into place and bring warmth to your room.