Creating the Right Interior Design Mood

Creating a space that has a certain type of mood or feel is one of best things about interior design. You get the freedom to play in your space and create whatever you want. That is also why some people might prefer their space one way and some the others, that’s the beauty of design. There is no wrong answer. There are certain things that you can do to create a certain mood within your room and we’ve put together a few ideas for you to consider. First, figure out what you are going for in your space. An area that doesn’t have a direction will be a challenge to discern the mood of. Once you have figured out how you want people to feel in that space you can make décor decisions. For example, if you want your living room to be a relaxing, quaint space for visitors to feel relaxed you might want to think about your color scheme and seating options. Another way to create the right mood in a space is by identifying it. A lot of times we see open concept houses and although they are beautiful, we are sometimes lost in the vastness of it all. Even if you live in an open concept house or apartment you can create room boundaries with simple touches like adding an area rug to the living room or adding a chandelier above the dining room table. Both of these add identity to the space without compromising your open concept feel. Lastly, to help create the right interior design mood you can use the environmental elements to your advantage. That might sound confusing, but let us explain. Say you are living in Minnesota and it is mid-January and your living room is bright and full of pops of color. Well, this might contradict the mood of your visitors who just came in from the harsh cold outdoors. In order to play into nature, you can use your space in a variety of ways depending on the season. If it happens to be winter you can display throw blankets, have a fire going and maybe a candle in the background to warm up the room. Simple design additions can make all the difference.