How to Clean Grout Stains

Clean grout can make a world of difference because think about it, the first thing you see when you see tile flooring is probably whether or not it looks clean. Grout stains can happen so easily and are usually in the most used rooms in the house. Kitchen grout stains we can blame on spills and it being the heart of the home so this is usually where everyone brings dirt in, drops crumbs, etc. In other areas of the home, like the bathroom, grout stains can come from mildew, mold and soap. So let’s talk about ways to get out these icky grout stains. For cleaning grout, the first step is to bring up the dirt and grim and you can do that by spraying hot water on the grout. This just loosens it up, just like how you fill your dirty dishes with warm water to loosen up the leftover food. After you spray your grout lines with warm water you can clean it up with a washcloth. Next step is to spray your grout lines with grout cleaner or just a simple grout cleaner solution you can make at home which is just an even mixture of water and vinegar could work. After you have put together your concoction you can get to work. You will want to use something soft and small to get in between those cracks, so we suggest a toothbrush. If you want even more power behind your scrubbing you can even get an automatic toothbrush that will do a circle motion while you scrub. Efficient and time saving, that’s what we call a win.  The reason we recommend using a toothbrush or something soft is because if you were to use a hard brush like a metal brush you are likely to scratch your flooring in the process and we definitely don’t want that. Fun fact! You can also use sandpaper to get rid of stains on grout. All you have to do is make it small enough to get in between the cracks. Also, did you know after you clean your grout you should leave it for 24 hours and then seal it with a grout sealer to help resist stains and dirt? This is a great way to keep your flooring looking new and fresh and not always having to get on your hands and knees and clean grout!